Arcimboldi, Seatoun’s community cafe, founded by Alice and Leith in October 2018. After a combined 22 years in the hospitality industry the time had come to open their very own cafe. A place to bring people together to share food, wine, and time. Leith and Alice’s love of food, nature and art has bought us to the reason for the name Arcimboldi.

Named after the couple’s favourite artist Guiseppe Arcimboldi (pronounced Arch-imm-boldi), a 16th century Mannerist artist, who painted incredible portraits out of fruit, vegetables, plants and sea creatures.

Mannerism, A transitional period from 1520 to 1590 adopted some artistic elements from the High Renaissance and influenced other elements in the Baroque period. A Mannerist tended to show close relationships between human and nature. Arcimboldi also showed his appreciation of nature through his portraits, in a way that has inspired Leith to show his appreciation of nature through his natural approach to cooking, and Alice’s welcoming natural service style.

We believe in looking after, and out for each other in our community. We're open to fundraising opportunities, and are more than happy to host your sports team, book club or coffee group.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Leith and Alice.



(04) 388 55 66



24 Dundas Street
Wellington, 6022


Tue-Sat 8am-8:30pm
Sun 8am-3pm
Mon Closed




We have a great selection of New Zealand and international wines. Local Wellington beer available on tap. A great little cocktail list and refreshing cold drinks. Coffee all day from 8am!


TakeAway menu

Call us on (04) 388 5566 to place an order.

Email for catering enquiries.